Logitech Keyboard Caps Lock Indicator Not Working Fix

I recently encountered an issue with my Logitech keyboard where the Caps Lock indicator was not working properly. In this article, I will provide some possible solutions to fix this problem.

Fortect may help with Logitech keyboard caps lock not working by repairing damaged system files or settings causing malfunction.

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Troubleshooting Keyboard Functionality

If the caps lock indicator on your Logitech keyboard is not working, the first step is to check if the indicator light itself is faulty. Try plugging the keyboard into a different USB port or computer to see if the indicator light works on another device.

If the indicator light still does not work, try updating the device driver for the keyboard:
– Press the Windows key + X and select Device Manager.
– Locate the keyboard in the list of devices, right-click on it, and select Update driver.
– Follow the on-screen instructions to update the driver.

If updating the driver does not fix the issue, try checking for Windows updates:
– Press the Windows key + I to open Settings.
– Go to Update & Security, then click on Windows Update.
– Click Check for updates and install any available updates.

If the caps lock indicator is still not working, consider reaching out to Logitech customer support for further assistance.

Addressing Driver and OS Updates

Logitech keyboard and computer updates.

  • Check for driver updates:
    • Open Device Manager by pressing Win + X and selecting it from the list
    • Expand the “Keyboards” section and right-click on your Logitech keyboard
    • Select “Update driver” and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Check for OS updates:
    • Open Settings by pressing Win + I
    • Go to “Update & Security” and click on “Check for updates”
    • Install any available updates and restart your computer
Updated: April 2024

Fortect can potentially help with the Logitech keyboard caps lock not working issue by repairing damaged system files and settings that may be causing the malfunction. It can also address DLL issues that are crucial for the proper functioning of programs, ensuring that Windows runs smoothly.

Additionally, Fortect can identify and repair causes of freezing programs, such as damaged registry or missing files.

Utilizing Accessibility and Indicator Settings

To fix the Logitech keyboard Caps Lock indicator not working, you can adjust the Accessibility and Indicator settings on your Windows 10 computer. First, check if the indicator light is enabled in the settings.

1. Open the Settings menu by pressing the Windows key + I. Navigate to Ease of Access and select Keyboard. Make sure the “Use Toggle Keys” option is turned on.

2. Next, check the Indicator settings on your keyboard. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box and type “control keyboard.” Click on the Keyboard applet and make sure the “Turn on Toggle Keys” option is checked.

3. Update the keyboard driver to ensure it is functioning properly. Go to Device Manager by pressing the Windows key + X and selecting Device Manager. Locate the keyboard driver, right-click on it, and choose Update driver.

Exploring Third-Party Solutions

If you’re facing issues with your Logitech keyboard’s Caps Lock indicator not working, you may need to explore third-party solutions to fix the problem. One potential fix is to use a third-party software tool to help resolve the indicator malfunction.

First, try downloading and installing a third-party keyboard software program that can help manage and monitor your keyboard functions. These programs often offer additional features and customization options that can help address the Caps Lock indicator not working.

If the issue persists, you may need to check for any updates to your keyboard drivers or firmware. Make sure to visit the Logitech website or use a third-party driver update tool to ensure you have the latest drivers installed for your keyboard.

Additionally, consider adjusting your keyboard settings in the Control Panel or Device Manager to see if there are any options that can help resolve the indicator problem.

Handling Hardware and BIOS Issues

Logitech keyboard BIOS settings menu

If you are experiencing issues with your Logitech keyboard’s Caps Lock indicator not working, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the issue.

First, make sure that the hardware connections are secure and that the keyboard is properly connected to your computer.

Check the BIOS settings to ensure that the Caps Lock indicator is enabled. You may need to access the BIOS menu by restarting your computer and pressing the appropriate key (often F2, F10, or Del) during startup.

If the BIOS settings are correct, try updating the keyboard’s device drivers. You can do this by going to the Device Manager in Windows, finding the keyboard driver, and selecting “Update driver.”

If updating the drivers does not fix the issue, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard drivers. This can sometimes resolve compatibility issues.


How do I turn my Caps Lock back to normal?

To turn your Caps Lock back to normal, you can try resetting the Caps Lock key by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Caps Lock keys.

Why is my Caps Lock not working on my keyboard?

Your Caps Lock may not be working on your keyboard due to physical issues, software glitches, or outdated/corrupt keyboard drivers. Make sure the key isn’t stuck or physically damaged, try restarting your computer to resolve software issues, and update your keyboard drivers to ensure they are not causing the problem.

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