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We started with installation of Excel Library in Robot Framework , today we would focus on utilizing the keywords present in the Excel Library.
nNext is publishing run results into Excel
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nScenario:- How we can fetch data from Excel in Robot framework to parameter our test cases.
nSolution:- We need to implement ExcelLibrary keywords.
nInbuilt Keywords Used in our Example:-n


  • Open Excel
  • n

  • Get Column Count
  • n

  • Read Cell Data by Coordinates
  • n

  • Get Row Count
  • n


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*** Settings ***
Library ExcelLibrary
Library OperatingSystem
Library robot.api.logger
*** Variables ***
${sFileName} ${EXECDIR}\Data\TestSheet.xls # DataSheet
*** Test Cases ***
TC_Fetch Data from Excell
[Documentation] Fetching the data from given Row and Column Name
Open given Excel file ${sFileName}
#Passing SheetName,RowDetails and ColumnName, to fetch data
${sData} Get data from Excel with given column DataSheet TC_02 UserName
Log ${sData}
*** Keywords ***
Open given Excel file
[Arguments] ${sFileName}
#Check that the given Excel Exists
${inputfileStatus} ${msg} Run Keyword And Ignore Error OperatingSystem.File Should Exist ${sFileName}
Run Keyword If "${inputfileStatus}"=="PASS" info ${sFileName} Test data file exist ELSE Fail Cannot locate the given Excel file.
Open Excel ${sFileName}
Get data from Excel with given column
[Arguments] ${sSheetName} ${sTestCaseNo} ${sColumnName}
log ${sColumnName}
${colCount} Get Column Count ${sSheetName}
: FOR ${y} IN RANGE 0 ${colCount}
${header} Read Cell Data By Coordinates ${sSheetName} ${y} 0
#Check if this is the given header
Run Keyword If "${header}"=="${sColumnName}" Set Test Variable ${colNum} ${y}
log ${colNum}
#Get the total rows in the Sheet
${iTotalRows} ExcelLibrary.Get Row Count ${sSheetName}
: FOR ${iRowNo} IN RANGE 1 ${iTotalRows}+1
${TC_Num} Read Cell Data By Coordinates ${sSheetName} 0 ${iRowNo}
#Incase TestCase No is same , fetch the data from same row and given column No
${sSearchedData} Run Keyword If "${sTestCaseNo}"=="${TC_Num}" ExcelLibrary.Read Cell Data By Coordinates ${sSheetName} ${colNum}
... ${iRowNo}
Run Keyword If "${sTestCaseNo}"=="${TC_Num}" Exit For Loop
[Return] ${sSearchedData}


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