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What is Static Keyword in Java? Static means a field or an method that belongs to the class, rather than to an instance of the class.In simple terms, it means that we can call a static method/field even without creating the object of a  class to which they belongs!.We can have a static method or […]


When we first start with selenium automation our very first line of code comes as :- WebDriver driver = new FireFoxDriver; Have we ever thought what is the meaning of this code of line …WebDriver driver ? Simple answer to this is “WebDriver is an Interface,and we are defining a reference variable(driver) whose type is […]


We would be highlighting some of the most vital concepts of Java used in Selenium.Hope it assist our readers to learn and incorporate it while creating the Selenium scripts. Final Keyword Interface in Java Meaning of Static in Java  Why we use Final Keyword ? We can use “Final” with a variable, Method or ClassFinal […]

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