How to Fix Former Volume Not Mounted Error Easy Fix

If you’re experiencing the “Former Volume Not Mounted” error on your device, you’re not alone. This article will provide an easy fix for this issue.

Fortect addresses issues with damaged system files, faulty settings, and malfunctioning hardware that can cause error volume not mounted.

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Reconnect and Troubleshoot the External Drive

Reconnect the External Drive: First, check the physical connection of the external drive to the computer. Make sure the USB or other cables are securely connected to both the drive and the computer.

Troubleshoot the External Drive: If the drive is connected properly but still not mounting, try connecting it to a different USB port on the computer. You can also try connecting the drive to a different computer to see if the issue is with the drive or the computer.

If the drive still does not mount, you may need to troubleshoot the drive using disk management tools in your operating system. This can involve checking the drive’s file system, disk partitioning, and drive letter assignment.

If you are using Windows, you can access disk management by right-clicking on the Start button and selecting “Disk Management” from the context menu.

If you are using a different operating system, consult the documentation for that system to find the equivalent disk management tools.

Configure the Correct Download Location

If you are using BitTorrent, go to the Options menu and select Preferences. Then, click on the Directories tab and choose the default download location. Again, ensure that you have enough space on the selected drive and that the file system is compatible.

In some cases, you may need to check your drive letter assignments or disk partitions to ensure that the correct location is being used for downloads. This can be done through the Disk Management tool in Microsoft Windows.

Updated: February 2024

Fortect can help with the error volume not mounted issue by repairing damaged system files and settings that may be causing the problem. It can also address missing or corrupt DLL files, which are crucial for the proper functioning of programs.

Additionally, Fortect can compare the current operating system with a healthy version and restore any vital system files required for running and restarting Windows without affecting user data.

Ensure Drive Letter Consistency

  • Open Disk Management by right-clicking on the Start button and selecting Disk Management.
  • Right-click on the volume that is not mounted and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.
  • If the volume has a drive letter assigned, remove it by selecting it and clicking Remove. If it does not have a drive letter assigned, assign one by clicking Add and selecting a drive letter.
  • Restart your computer to apply the changes.

Alter Drive Letter via Disk Management

To alter a drive letter via Disk Management, follow these steps:

1. Open Disk Management by pressing Win + X and selecting Disk Management from the menu.

2. Right-click on the volume for which you want to change the drive letter and select Change Drive Letter and Paths from the context menu.

3. In the dialog box that appears, click Change and select a new drive letter from the drop-down menu.

4. Click OK to confirm the new drive letter.

Edit the Resume.dat Configuration File

1. First, locate the Resume.dat file on your computer. This file is typically found within the AppData folder in the uTorrent or BitTorrent directory.

2. Once you’ve located the file, open it using a text editor such as Notepad++ or any other preferred text editor.

3. Look for the section in the file that pertains to the error message indicating the former volume not mounted.

4. Within this section, you will need to edit the drive letter assignment to match the correct drive letter of the disk partition where the data is stored.

5. Save the changes to the Resume.dat file and close the text editor.

6. Restart your uTorrent or BitTorrent client to apply the changes.

By following these steps and editing the Resume.dat configuration file, you should be able to fix the former volume not mounted error easily.

This method is applicable for users of uTorrent, BitTorrent, and other BitTorrent clients on a Microsoft Windows operating system.

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The error message indicated that the volume was not mounted, causing inconvenience but not a major issue. Download this tool to run a scan

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