How to create project in Sonar Qube ?

October 17, 2017

Problem:- How we can create(or provision) project using Sonar Qube UI. Solution:- We already know that we can Sonar Qube will automatically create a project when we run the code analysis but incase we want to manually provision the project before running the code scanning we can do that. 1)Login as administrator on sonar qube […]

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How to install IE browser on Mac-OS?

August 20, 2017

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.Pre-requisite:- Virtual Environment to run the windows OS (with IE) on Mac OS. Step1:- Installing the virtual environment using VirtualBox (free option, we can use VMware also)a)Download Virtual Boxb)Install the setup Double click the .dmg file and follow the instructionsNote:- […]

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Enable auto save feature in Sublime editor

March 23, 2017

Problem:- How to add auto-save functionality in Sublime-Text? Solution:- Using auto-save package. How to install this?1)Open package Control in sublime (Ctrl+Shift+p) 2)Search and select install option  3)Search auto-save and select it  4)Enable auto-save Press Command + Shift + P again and search for AutoSave. Here, there are 3 options:(select the one that you want to […]

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Install and Configure MySql on Linux?

March 20, 2017

Frank Herbert Installation for mysql is similar to installing apache server and php on Ubuntu. Step1:- Open terminal window and type the below command(install mysql-server)sudo apt-get install mysql-serverNote:- Add root password in the dialog box after installation.  Incase any pop up comes during installation just accept the default and continue the installation process. Step2:- Install workbench(IDE) […]

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Install and configure Apache server on Ubuntu?

March 18, 2017

Quick recipe to install and configure apache server?Step1:- Update the package manager and install apache2Execute the below commands in terminal:-  sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install apache2 sudo – super userapt-get, for latest packageStep2:- Edit the apache configuration file sudo nano /etc/apache2.conf Scroll to the end and add,  ServerName localhostctrl +x (for exiting the editor) , […]

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