Using VSCode with Vlocity Salesforce


  • Ensure you have the “Salesforce Vlocity Integration” extension installed in VSCode.

Steps to Use Vlocity with VSCode:

  1. Activate the extension by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + P.
  2. Choose Vlocity: Select Salesforce Org. You can either use an existing verified Org with Salesforce or start with a fresh VSCode setup.
  3. Click on the vlocity cloud icon in VSCode and select refresh under Datapack.
  4. Choose a vlocity component (for example, Vlocity Card) and then select export from the command palette. Opt for ‘vlocityCards’.
  5. Specify the directory where you’d like to save the vlocity data pack.
  6. Once saved, open the vlocityDatapack files. These files will contain your downloaded components.
  7. Make any necessary modifications in the template or card files. After making changes, right-click and choose deploy Datapack to Salesforce.
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