How to install IE browser on Mac-OS?

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Pre-requisite:- Virtual Environment to run the windows OS (with IE) on Mac OS.

Step1:- Installing the virtual environment using VirtualBox (free option, we can use VMware also)
a)Download Virtual Box
b)Install the setup 
Double click the .dmg file and follow the instructions
install virtual box in mac
Note:- On mac sometimes “Verifying VirtualBox.pkg step is stuck”, in that case follow the below steps to install the virtual box
Open terminal on mac and run the command,

 sudo installer -package /Volumes/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.pkg -target /

verifying virtualbox.pkg stuck on mac

Step2:- Download the windows environment
 a)Download windows + IE from
b)Select the required environment options and download the .zip file
download virtual machine in
c)Extract the downloaded file, it will create .ovf file

Step3:-Launch the IE in Virtual Box
a)Virtual box, File > Import appliance (open the .ovf file)

import ovf file in virtualbox

b)Select the default options > import

appliance settings in virtual box

c)Turn on the windows environment from virtual box

verifying virtualbox.pkg stuck on mac

All set, our windows environment is up and running on mac now we can work with IE browser 🙂
running windows on mac

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