Selenium Interview Questions – Part-2

Interview questions for Amazon first telephonic round for QAE role. 

Do share your experience or questions in the comments section to help others QA fellows in cracking the interviews.

QAE amazon interview questions

It said If you stumble make it part of the dance.

Lets prepare well and if we stumble just make it part of the answer 🙂

1.What are you doing in your current role?

2.Key challenges in working with Selenium?

3.Difference between / and // in xpath?

4.CSS selector to select the nth child?

5.How you will investigate a  website that is taking too long to load?

6.Write test cases for Tiny Url application?
Note:- tinyUrl application is used to reduce the long URL into precise URL’s

7.Coding question,in a list of integers can you find the combinations of integers that sums to k?
Will ask the complexity and how to improve the code further.

8.Have you created test plans or test strategy, what is the difference ?

First round is the elimination round, they will ask very basic questions just to check whether its worth interviewing the person face to face, in amazon office and having more 5 rounds 🙂

More interview Questions?

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