Using Custom LWC inside Vlocity Omniscript – User friendly Tech help

Problem: Due to omniscript limitations, you might find the need to incorporate custom LWC to meet specific requirements.


  1. Acquiring the Custom LWC:
  2. Incorporating into Omniscript Designer:
    • Navigate to Omniscript Designer > Inputs and drag the “Custom LWC” into the desired step.
    • Map the custom LWC (in this case, the radio group) under the “Lightning Web Component Name” section.
  3. Passing Custom Data:
    • If you need to pass any custom data, perhaps from dataraptor, and want to utilize it in the custom LWC, you can do so.
  4. Modifications in .meta.xml File:
    • Within the Custom LWC’s .meta.xml file, make the necessary changes. Ensure that the runtimeNamespace aligns with the vlocity vertical you’re working with. For instance, use vlocity_cmt (namespace) for Communication or vlocity_ins for insurance.
  5. Code Implementation in .js File:
import { OmniscriptBaseMixin } from "vlocity_ins/omniscriptBaseMixin";
export default class customLWCRadioGroup extends OmniscriptBaseMixin(LightningElement) {
// Include your lwc code here for the radio group as demonstrated above.


  • Deploy your changes related to the custom LWC to your sandbox. Once done, activate the omniscript, enable LWC in the script configuration, and preview the LWC.
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