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Using Custom LWC inside Vlocity Omniscript

Create a custom Radio Group inside vlocity Omniscript NEVER GIVE UP Problem- Due to omniscript limitations, it happens you need to use custom LWC to achieve the requirements. Solution:-  Get the custom LWC from the salesforce Lightning web components (in our example we are using radio group) <template> <lightning-radio-group name=”radioGroup” label=”Radio Group” options={options} value={value} type=”radio”></lightning-radio-group> […]

Salesforce Vlocity

Vlocity Omniscript reverts back to initial step on reloading?

How to show prompt in omniscript when the user is trying to refresh the step in omniscript? Yes that is possible Problem- As per the current version of OS, when the user refreshes the current page (step in OS terms), it takes user back to the initial step, without saving the changes. To avoid the […]