Creating Pure Functional Component using React Memo

How to create Pure Component in React? A functional component that we are modifying as Pure component:- import React from ‘react’; import Tabs from ‘../Tabs’; import ‘./RightPanel.scss’; const RightPanel = () => ( <div className=”rightPanelCta”> <div className=”tab”> <Tabs> <div header=”Index.jsx”> You are on Index.jsx file </div> <div header=”Panel.jsx”> You are on Panel.jsx file </div> </Tabs> […]


Creating a salesforce lightning web component in visual studio code

import { LightningElement, track } from ‘lwc’; export default class HelloLWC extends LightningElement { //default values @track typedValue = ”; salutationOptions = [ {‘label’: ‘None’, ‘value’: ‘None’}, {‘label’: ‘Mr.’, ‘value’: ‘Mr.’}, {‘label’: ‘Ms.’, ‘value’: ‘Ms.’}, {‘label’: ‘Mrs.’, ‘value’: ‘Mrs.’}, {‘label’: ‘Dr.’, ‘value’: ‘Dr.’}, {‘label’: ‘Prof.’, ‘value’: ‘Prof.’}, ]; //method on click of button handleClick(){ const […]