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Handling redirect in Vlocity Integration Procedure having response code of 307

CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS TO EMPOWER YOUR BRAIN Problem:-Clients api was having redirect policy on the server but its not handled by Vlocity integration procedure(IP), thus its failing with 307 response code Solution:-  Error:- 307 Temporary Redirect Inside IP create “Remote Action” to refer the Apex class and apex method, which handles the redirect 307 error. […]

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Apex Superbadge (part-1)

Scenario:- Automate record creation Install the unmanaged package for the schema and stubs for Apex classes and triggers. Rename cases and products to match the HowWeRoll schema, and assign all profiles to the custom HowWeRoll page layouts for those objects. Use the included package content to automatically create a Routine Maintenance request every time a […]