Crack of UFT -11.5

The simplest and safest method to crack UFT is to download it from the link labeled “HP-UFT”. This link provides a 30-day trial version. If you wish to continue using it after the trial period, you would typically need to purchase a license. However, it’s important to note that promoting or using cracked software is illegal and unethical. Instead of seeking a crack, consider using the trial version or investing in a legitimate license.

In reality, there is no genuine crack for UFT available on the internet. Some websites may mislead users with fake download links or surveys. UFT is a valued product of HP, and they would not allow it to be shared freely.

For QTP 10.00 Version, some crack files are available, but they only work on the Windows XP Operating System. They are not compatible with Vista or Windows 7 Operating Systems. There’s also a QTP-9.2 version available, but it’s outdated for current automation testing needs.

Pricing of UFT

The pricing for UFT, including all add-ins, varies depending on the bundle in UFT. HP also works with vendors, so the final price can depend on negotiation. Here’s a tentative pricing structure:

  • 1 License = 6 Lakhs (INR) + Country Taxes
  • 2 Licenses = 10 Lakhs + Country Taxes
  • 3 Licenses = 15 Lakhs + Country Taxes

Please note that these prices are estimates and are based on feedback from the HP team during a specific time frame.

Downloading Guide

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