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1.nmap Installation:- 1.Download the .tar file 2. untar, bzip2 -cd nmap-versionXX.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -cd nmap-versionXXX nmap-version 4. ./configure 5.make 6. su root 7.make install   If all the steps runs successfully, we have the following console message:- NMAP SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Check the nmap version, nmap –version How to find open ports for given […]


Scenario1:-How i can extract jmeter response into a variable?Solution:-We can achieve it in different ways, we used Json Path PostProcessorin our example, Lets say our response json is in the given format:- { “sensorId”: “123456bc-25e8-48e1-8abe-b24efe461501”, “sensorName”: “waterTemp”, “serialNumber”: “4345633352864906”, “status”: “ENABLED”} Now to extract sensorId based on the “sensorNumber” we can extract it in following manner.  […]


Requirement:- We need to select random value from a given dropdownlist, to test the functionality how our AUT would behave under varying selection of options. DropDownlist + HTML code Approach:- 1.We would take the count of existing options in the weblist/dropdownlist . 2.Take a random value between 0(starting index of the dropdownlist, we can avoid […]

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