Javascript Interview Questions(Part-4)

JavaScript Coding interview questions with solutions:-


You would like to set a password for a bank account. However, there are three restrictions on the format of the password:

it has to contain only alphanumerical characters (az, AZ, 09);
there should be an even number of letters;
there should be an odd number of digits.
You are given a string S consisting of N characters. String S can be divided into words by splitting it at, and removing, the spaces. The goal is to choose the longest word that is a valid password. You can assume that if there are K spaces in string S then there are exactly K + 1 words.

For example, given "test 5 a0A pass007 ?xy1", there are five words and three of them are valid passwords: "5", "a0A" and "pass007". Thus the longest password is "pass007" and its length is 7. Note that neither "test" nor "?xy1" is a valid password, because "?" is not an alphanumerical character and "test" contains an even number of digits (zero).

Write a function:

int solution(char *S);
that, given a non-empty string S consisting of N characters, returns the length of the longest word from the string that is a valid password. If there is no such word, your function should return 1.

For example, given S = "test 5 a0A pass007 ?xy1", your function should return 7, as explained above.

Assume that:

N is an integer within the range [1..200];
string S consists only of printable ASCII characters and spaces.
In your solution, focus on correctness. The performance of your solution will not be the focus of the assessment.


function solution(S) {
// write your code in JavaScript (Node.js 6.4.0)
var pwds = S.split(" ");
var pwdLen = -1;
var chrCnt = pwd.match(/[a-zA-Z]/g || []).length;
if (pwd.length > pwdLen)
pwdLen = pwd.length;
return pwdLen;

Given four integers, display the maximum time possible in 24 hour format HH:MM. For example, if you are give A = 1, B = 9, C = 9, D = 2 then output should be 19:29. Max time can be 23:59 and min time can be 00:00.

If it is not possible to construct 24 hour time then return error. For example, given A = 1, B = 9, C = 7, D = 9 an error should be returned since minimum time represented by these integers is 17:99 which is “NOT POSSIBLE”?


function solution(A, B, C, D) {
var arr = [];
var digit = [];
var timeString = "";
//create array from given numbers
digit[0] = findMax(arr,2);
digit[1] = digit[0]==2?findMax(arr,3):findMax(arr,9);
digit[2] = findMax(arr,5);
digit[3] = findMax(arr, 9);
//final number
if(digit[0] ==-1 ||digit[1] ==-1||digit[2] ==-1||digit[3] ==-1){
return "NOT POSSIBLE";
timeString = digit[0]+""+digit[1]+":"+digit[2]+""+digit[3];

return timeString;

//finding the less than equal number and return it
function findMax(arr, find){
return -1;
var numToFind = -1;
var indexToRemove = -1;
//iterate arrary
for(var i = 0; i < arr.length;i++){
if(arr[i] <= find)
if(arr[i]> numToFind)
numToFind = arr[i];
indexToRemove =i;
if (indexToRemove == -1)
return -1;
arr[indexToRemove] = -1;
return numToFind;

Question3:-Given DOM tree I need to find the maximum depth of the nested ul/ol tags.

<li>simple list1</li>
The depth would be 3


function solution() {

var len, max_depth=0;
len = $(this).parents('ul,ol').length;
if(len > max_depth)
max_depth =len;
return max_depth;

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