Learning Jmeter

As always our focus is to share the pragmatic approach as we did before on other tools like Selenium / UFT /RobotFramework , helping everyone to learn a new skill set in a crisp and clear way.

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apache jmeter tutorial

Leaning a new technology is a cake wake if we have the right mindset and proper guidance…

Keep sharing and keep leaning 🙂

How to install Jmeter?

Minimum is Java 7 (JVM) , taking the latest jmeter version into consideration.
Install Java first and verify it by typing  java –version on terminal.

Note:- Jmeter is based on Java platform thus it works seamlessly on any OS, provided its java compatible (ex windows/Linux/Mac..) 

We have considered Linux OS for our tutorial, incase you are using any other OS, download it from the official link.

Step1:- Download jmeter binary

jmeter download link

tar -xf apache-jmeter-3.0.tgz 

unzip jmeter tar

Step3:-Browse to apache bin folder
cd apache-jmeter-3.0/bin

launch jmeter linux

Launch jmeter in ubuntu

Note:- Want to know the jmeter commands

./jmeter -? 

jmeter help launching in linux

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