Selenium interview questions Part-3

QA Developer interview questions for SAP….

sap qa developer interview questions

1.Explain the Architecture of Selenium?

2.How is it possible to implement Selenium using different languages?

3.How can we check that application is responsive?

4.What is the data structure that implement LIFO?
Hint:- Stack

5.How to search “selenium” from 10,000 text files in a Folder?

6.How we can improve the performance of select query?

7.Key challenges you face while starting with automation?

8.Code Snippet, below how to fetch the text of second li without getting the text of anchor tag using selenium?

fetch text li using selenium

9.How to get the non existing elements from array1[1,3,4,5] in array2[3,1,5,7] using any language?

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