API testing interview Questions-1 ?

api TESTING interview Questions

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Basic API Testing interview questions:

1.What is the meaning of HTTP protocol?

2.What are the range of methods available in HTTP?

3.What is the difference between PUT and POST method?

4.What are the different  HTTP status codes?

5.Why we use 5XX error code?

6.How we can filter the Head of the response?

7.What is the difference between UI and API testing tools?

8.How to test code coverage using API testing?

9.How we can implement reporting structure in Soap UI(Free version)

10.Range of tools that can we used to test API?


1.HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) provides a network protocol standard that Web browsers and servers use to communicate.Both SOAP and Rest API internally uses HTTP.
4. 1xx- information error, 2xx-Success, 3xx-Redirection,,4xx-Client Error(most common is page not found,401-bad request),5xx-Server Error
6.By using HEAD method 🙂
9.By using Groovy scripting and making our hands dirty with creating a robust framework for reporting.
10.SOAP UI(Soap,Rest), Robot Framework(Rest) , Postman(chrome plugin, mostly used by developers ), HP UFT

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