Configure UFT with Terminal Emulator (PCOMM)

Scenario: – How we can configure UFT to recognize Mainframe objects using Terminal Emulator?

1.Terminal Emulator add in is already installed.
2.PComm(IBM personal Communication) is also installed, which is our Terminal Emulator in this example.

Note:- Do check the supported version of Terminal Emulator in UFT version.

Step1:-Check the Terminal Emulator addin from the addin Manager.
Terminal Emulator Addin

Step2:-Create New GUI Test in UFT. (Else Terminal Emulator setting won’t be visible in Options of UFT).

Step3:- Tools –Options-GUI Test – Terminal Emulator.

Note:- Here we can configure other terminal emulators depending upon the requirements or the emulator already used by manual or dev teams in the organization.
Supported Emulators in UFT

Step4:-Configure the settings – Click on Validate.
Validate Terminal Emulator in UFT
Note: – Incase OK is not shown; this means we are facing some issues like PCOMM session is not opened.

Step5:-We can further configure the settings of PComm with UFT(like changing HLLAPI settings).
Configuration of Terminal Emulator in UFT

Step6:-Verify that UFT can recognize Terminal Emulator objects.
Object spy on Terminal Emulator and check that objects are showing the hierarchy of TeWindow-TeScreen-TeField (TE means Terminal Emulator in UFT terms)
object spy of mainframe in UFT

Note:-For more detailed reference, please read the help manual of UFT(Help-Unified Functional Testing help -Contents – Add-ins Guide for GUI Testing)

UFT addin Help guide

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