Implement Robot Framework using RIDE (Part-1)

Starting with installation prerequisite of robotframework(RF), we learned how to create our first test case using RF. Today we would enhance the same test case and implement it in RIDE. (IDE for robot framework).

Requirement:-Creating our first test case in RIDE?

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Learn RIDE

Pre-requisites:- We would use the existing code in our firstexample which can be saved in .robot or .txt extension.

Launch RIDE:
We can launch it by writing the command on command prompt.


Incase we have installed it using windors .exe installer it would gave use option to create  desktop shortcut to launch it.


But we did was simply created a .bat file with the ””written inside it, now we can launch it by clicking the .bat icon.
bat file to launch RIDE

Opening our test case (like .htm/.html/.tsv/ .txt/.robot files) in RIDE.

Click on Open Test Suites (ctrl+o) and browse for file to open

Open test case in RIDE

Note: – You can save the code from step-5 in our first testcase example and save it with .robot or .txt format and open it in RIDE.

Understanding the structure of the opened Test Case.
We can see that opened test case contains Variables, TestCases, Keywords and also settings table(it is on the right of the explorer window).

Explorer window in RIDE

Further if we open the “Text Edit” tab, it would contain our test case in raw form.

Text Editor in RIDE

Note:- Incase of error in the file, it would not open up in RIDE. Firstly we need to rectify the error.Like we can run the file on command prompt and observe the failure reasons to correct the file and than try opening in RIDE. 

File opening error in RIDE

To run the test case
We need to open the “Run” tab( or press F8, shortcut to run test case) -> Select the Test Runner(our case it is pybot) -> Click on start.

Run test case in RIDE

After successful execution result logs would be shown.

Test Log in RIDE

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