Creating Pivot chart for ALM reporting.

How we created our automation progress  report from ALM to Email in 30 minutes?

We need to showcase our management regarding the  progress in Automation.So rather than giving them quantitative data we thought of sharing it in more presentable manner using Pivot charts.

Hope it help our fellow automation friends in creating easy and rapid reports.
Please feel free to share Your experience as comments, as we always believe sharing is caring.

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Download dummy Excel

Step1:- Getting Data from ALM(Application life cycle management),

Note:- It can vary depending on the management tool which is used in the organization but still the approach would be same.
A)Testing -> Test Plan -> Select the Test Folder -> Live Analysis Tab -> Click on ‘Add Graph’

Opening Live Analysis view in ALM

B)Select ‘Summary Graph’ -> Click Next

Summary Graph creation from ALM

C) Select any value for X-axis field -> Click Finish

Selecting X-axis Field in ALM summary graphs

D)Graphical view would be generated -> Click on the bar graph tower

Live Analysis graph in ALM

E)Drill down Results window opens

Drill down results ALM

This is what we were waiting for, we can change what all the columns we need in our report.Further we would export the report in Excel format.

Select columns in Drill down results
Selecting columns in Drill down results view

Export Excel from ALM
Exporting excel from Drill down results

Step2:-Creating Pivot Chart
A)We have our required data in Excel,we can edit to make any required changes like headers or any other modification.
B)Insert -> Pivot Chart

Opening Pivot Chart in Excel

C)Select the Table/Range for Pivot Chart -> Click Ok

Create Pivot Table, range selection Excel

D)Select from “Pivot Chart” Fields, the columns that we need to displayed in Pivotchart report
Pivot chart in Excel

Check the two variations of graph when we changed the data under Axis and Values.

Selecting Pivotchart fields in Excel
Pivot chart view-1

Pivot Chart view-2

Step3 :- Playing with the design of the Pivot chart
One’s our chart is ready we can change the color or display design (Like pie chart) to make it look more impressive and easy to comprehend

Just select chart -> click on brush

Changing color in pivot chart

Changing chart styles in Pivot chart

We can also change the shape of graph, INsert -> Charts -> Select the chart option as suitable(Do select the chart below to check the live effect)

Selecting different chart styles in pivot charts Excel

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