Our New Year Gift for Our-Self in 2015

We want to say goodbye to this fantastic year,with the idea that, what can be our best gift to no-one but to our self.In this festivity times,most of us spend our time to think of gifts for other people but What about gifting ourselves.It is bit off the way topic on this forum, but we thought of ending this year’s learning on a distinct track,so that we are lot more refined next year. We still remember our snoozy post of 2014, hope to see Your love for uftHelp continues in 2015 and we are connected as a family through Facebook, Google+,LinkedIn and Twitter.

New Year at uftHelp
Warm Welcome to 2015

Lets start with a list of free special gifts that we can give ourselves in 2015 :-

1. Exercise:– Even 15 minutes a day- We will be more healthier,live longer and learn more and share more

2.Yoga:-It boost our energy level and make us shed laziness.

3. Learning:- Learn something new each day, and share it with the world.It cannot be only be limited to selenium,UFT,Angular or HandsOn but even to the minute thing that we did today.

4.Reading:- Read more.

5.Personal hygiene:- It can be brushing of our teeth before sleep or sleeping on time and many more.

6.Smile:- A smile can heal thousand wounds , spread smile and peace everywhere.

7.Tolerance:-We have our prejudices against all kinds of people and things,try dropping that barrier of others and ours and this world be amazing place to live and grow.

8.Environment:-Finally, as we always motivate the whole world through our green and blue post themes, i.e. how about gifting  something to our enviornment. It is not limited to making our house clean but it can be our neighborhood, by planting more trees,promoting and practicing water conservation and greenery.

Hope to share more learning in the coming years and You all would be there to motivate and appreciate our efforts.

Cheers uftHelp lovers and Warm WELCOME TO 2015!!!!

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