Executing first test case in Selenium IDE

We are done with basic overview of Selenium IDE and its installation,now we are sailing towards writing our first test case in Selenium  IDE.

Automation Scenario:-

1.Launch Gmail Application
2.Fill wrong values of Email and Password
3.Click “Sign in” button
4.Verify the Error Message

Remember our flow will consist of “Record” ->”Playback”



  • Launch Firefox,open Selenium IDE(ALT+CTRL+S)
  • Type the URL of the Application (“”)
  • Start with recording 

Selenium IDE recording test case
Selenium IDE start recording


  • Open the Application in Firefox.
  • When application page launches, fill the Email and Password fields 
  • Click Sign in


  • Capture the error message, Right Click on the error message ->Show all available commands -> Assert Title

Adding commands in IDE
Adding Assert command

Note:- We can use Verify command also, check the difference between assert and verify.

Stop recording and check that our script contains the following steps

Editor in Selenium IDE
Editor in Selenium IDE

We are done with recording part, now is the time to verify our steps by running the scripts i.e playback

Run test case in Selenium IDE
Run test case
Run Results selenium ide
Run Results IDE

Save the script and we are done with our first test case using Selenium IDE


  • We can have additional debugging facilities using “Power Debugger” add-on
  • We can create the above script manually also rather than recording it.But “record and playback” is really helpful for beginners after that they can move to advance features.
  • We are not digging much deeper into the functionality or commands of IDE as this is just used for kick starting with selenium.Our main focus is Selenium Webdriver which is used in pragmatic scenario’s.

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