Understanding Test Strategy in Automation perspective?

What is Strategy?

It is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim with maximum utilization of available limited number of resources.

Automation Test Strategy
Which layer we should automate first?

Adding Test to Strategy?

Test strategy is the plan that describes how the test objectives would be met effectively with the help of the available resources.

Note:-Test strategy is the subset of the test plan.
Test Plan = Test Strategy(What,why,when,how) + Test Logistics(Who is testing)

Automation Test Strategy?

It is the approach that defines our kick starting and long term roadmap, to achieve the Automation of application.

Note: – Test automation strategy will differ as per organization, products, technology used, client and projects.


Following is the list of basic building blocks of an Automation test strategy.
                Why automate?
                Why not to automate?
                What can be automated?
                What is technically unfeasible to automate?
                How long it takes to run the tests manually?
                What is the cost of automating the test?
                How easy are the test cases to automate?
                What are the priorities for automation?
                When to automate?
                How to automate?
Always strategize things in automation to plan and achieve small successes and evolve. It’s better to incur a small investment and see what the effort really takes before trying to automate the whole regression suite. This also gives those doing the work the opportunity to try things, make mistakes and design even better approaches. Remember 100% automation is not a test strategy; it is a similar to the Disney fairytales. A good test automation strategy must have measurable goals so we clearly understand what success feels like.

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