How to Downgrade the existing Sass Version ?

Issue :- We installed the newest version of compass but it is giving unpleasant error. How we can downgrade to an older version to make things working.

When installing compass (v1.0.1), it will download the latest sass v3.4.6 (because it’s a dependency), but compass won’t work with the latest sass. You have to downgrade sass to 3.4.5 or earlier version

Compass Command
Install Compass

Approach 1:-
Specify version number

Uninstall Sass
Using Version Number

Approach 2:-
Without version number

Uninstall Sass without any version
Without Version Number

Note :- If we select 4 to uninstall all versions, it will further prompt to remove its dependencies.
Uninstall Sass with all dependencies
Select 4 from above options

Now we can downgrade using  gem install –version versionnumber

Install downgraded version of Sass
Installing Sass downgraded version

To downgrade Compass, we can simply use the following commands:
gem uninstall compass
gem install compass –version versionnumber

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