How to download a file from ALM in UFT using OTA?

How we can download a give file from ALM (“Test Resources” Tab) using OTA?

Search in Test Resources Tab ALM
Test Resources Tab

We will utilize “QCUtil” , a utility object available in UFT, to leverage the methods and properties of OTA(Open Test Architecture) for downloading the user given file.

Our approach is to search a given file in “Test Resources” tab, incase it is found we will download the file to the user given location(this is optional,if not given file will be downloaded in temp folders).


fn_QCDownloadResource "Config.xml","C:TempTest"
'Function Name:- fn_QCDownloadResource
'Function Description:- Search in "Test Resources" tab and download it
'Input Parameters:- sFileName(File to Download),sDestination(Optional, Folder to download the File)
'Output Parameters:- None
Public Function fn_QCDownloadResource(sFileName, sDestination)

Dim objQC, objRes, objFilter, objFileList, objFile, sFilterPair, iCount
'Check the ALM + UFT connection
If Not QCUtil.IsConnected Then
Msgbox "Please Connect ALM with UFT"
Exit Function
End If
'Creating ALM OTA QCConnection object,for accessing the ALM object model.
Set objQC = QCUtil.QCConnection
'Assessing the Resources inside the Test Resources
Set objRes = objQC.QCResourceFactory
'Activating the Filter object
Set objFilter = objRes.Filter
'Matching the given FileName in the Test Resources files
objFilter.Filter("RSC_FILE_NAME") = """" & Cstr(sFileName) & """"
'Creates a list of objects according to the specified filter.
Set objFileList = objFilter.NewList
'Incase Download path is empty, file is downloaded into Temp Folder
If sDestination = "" Then
sDestination = "C:Temp"
End if
'Downloading the found File
If objFileList.Count = 1 Then
Set objFile = objFileList.Item(1)
objFile.FileName = sFileName
'Downlaod the file and sync= True , for completion of process
objFile.DownloadResource sDestination, True
Msgbox "'"&sFileName&"',Successfully downloaded to '"&sDestination&"'"
Msgbox "Sorry No Match found in ALM for the FileName = '"&sFileName&"'"
End If
'Destroying the Objects
Set objQC = Nothing
Set objRes = Nothing
Set objFilter = Nothing
Set objFileList = Nothing
Set objFile = Nothing
End Function

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