How to get Field Names in ALM ?

Requirement:-We need the field names which are used in ALM , these are required to utilize the cabablities of OTA in ALM.

Fields In Test Lab
Test Lab fields

Approach 1:-

A. In ALM , Dashboard — Analysis View

Dashboard ALM
ALM Tabs

B.Create New Excel Report

Excel Report ALM
Excel Report

C.Under Configuration tab – – Query Builder

Configuration Tab ALM
Configuration Tab 

D. Write the following SQL query  and Run it .We have our required Field Names with Labels in ALM.

SQL Query in ALM
SQL Query

Approach 2:-

This will work incase User have the admin rights in the ALM.

A.Tools – – Customize
Customize in ALM
Customize in ALM

B.Select Project Entities

Project Entities in ALM
Project Entities

C.Under Project Entities — Select the field for which we want to check the field Name

View of Fields in Project Entities ALM
View of Fields in Project Entities

Name and Label suggest the Field Name used by ALM and Displayed to User respectively.

Reader Comments and Recommendations are most welcomed :).

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In Test Lab, I have marked some of the TC’s as N/A. While exporting the test results I could not find the comments given for N/A TC’s.
Can anyone throw light on how to retrieve the N/A comments given?

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