How to Re-Run Test in ALM on failure?

Incase we start our search for any issue on ALM; it is really arduous to find something relevant and meaningful. Furthermore there is a scarcity of website addressing ALM issues or help. So we thought of sharing an article pertaining to “Re-Run of Test case in Test set in ALM in case of failure”.

Test Case (say TC2), fails when we ran from ALM for the first time, how we can control the execution flow , whether we want to rerun the test , test set or stop the execution?

Execution flow: – 
TC1->TC2->TC3 but TC2 is failing on first attempt and we want to re-run it to complete the execution flow.

Solution: – 
We can control the Rerun behaviour from “Automation Tab” in ALM.

Finding “Automation Tab”: – 
In ALM, Testing->Test Lab->Select the Test Set ->Automation Tab

Approach 1:- 
We can check the Rerun test option and set the “Maximum test reruns”.
Maximum test reruns: – Specifies the number of times an automated test should be rerun upon failure.
Cleanup test before rerun:-Runs a cleanup test before each test rerun.
Automation Tab in ALM
Automation Tab
What can be done in ALM  on final failure of test.? We can select the option from “On final failure”. Like “Stop the test set”

Note: – We can also configure the email settings (Execution Summary) which ALM will send after the run, we can also change it as per our need like whether to send email on failure or pass. (Notification)
Email Notification box
Email Notification in ALM
Also “Settings per test”, Opens the On Test Failure dialog box, enabling you to change the default failure rules for a test in the test set
Test Failure Box
Test Failure window

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