Why we Automate Testing ?

Lot number of times it happens that we start with things what we never realized that why we are doing it .Same happened with me, when i was  a newbie to automation, I never thought why we are going for it , and only thought that came it my mind was that it is just a mundane task like any other assignments in IT world.But slowly and steadily as things progressed, i thought of asking WHY ? .

Thus i thought of sharing on this topic in my 100th Post, please feel free to add your expert comments.

Why we Automate
  • Speed”, we automate the manual flow, thus it performed better than the manual person visiting the test cases(Test steps) and running each step individually.
  • Repeat ability”, thus resulting in greater “Return on Investment”, as tasks can automated and ran as many number of time as it is required.
  • Coverage”, it helped us to ran the same scripts on different environment thus increasing the coverage of testing like various OS versions, Microsoft Office versions and even localization’s.
  • Reliability”, as same task is ran again and again, it was very monotonous for manual person testing the same thing again and again , and it resulted in errors (like Skipping the flow, to shorten the task) .
  • Re usability”, we reused most of the coding part like Login functions,global functions to connect to databases.
  • Time Saving”, as it was automation, so no manual effort was required thus it saved the effort of that person
  • Convenient”, our team worked on projects where it was required to test the application in non-working hours (PST timings), thus automation was more convenient rather than person sitting in night shifts and doing the testing(We scheduled our tasks to be automatically triggered)
  • Program ability“, As automation uses a coding language, thus we are able to leverage this to automate sophisticated program steps and to bring out the hidden information.
Above points are mostly interlinked, on the whole we can say that, why we automate? so as to  make testers life easier 🙂

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