World Conference Next Generation Testing (WCNGT-2013)

Today i thought of sharing our experience for “World Conference Next Gen Testing ” which 
was held at Bangalore between 11-12th July, 2013. It was our first exposure to any 
conference which was getting organized at an international level, with participation of  
eminent personalities from the testing community.

World Testing Conference

Our team was lucky to crack the initial two rounds of “ITL,Indian Testing League” an
 first of 
its type quiz related to testing. Entering into semi-finals, was enough to convince 
our company to sponsor us for the event.

We reached by afternoon(Due to Flight issues), and thought of attending “Design of Test Automation” by Rahul Verma. It was very informative and practical seminar.After that we attended sessions by speakers like “John ShuttleWorth”,Julian Harty”,”Rex Black”,”Shrini Kulkarni”,”Paul Gerrard” and many more known speakers..There were 4 parallel tracks going on,thus to get the maximum out of each, we were shuffling between conference rooms. 

Regarding the quiz part it was amazing there were 20 questions for semifinalist(16
 Objective + 4 Subjective).We were quite confident to enter the finals but it was not 
our day, and top 5 teams were selected for the finals(3 from CTS itself,i believe it was fair enough, with 27 teams from them).

Finals was held on second day, it was combination of audio, visual + audience rounds, 
even our team was banned from answering the open questions(May be organizers felt 
we had won enough goodie bags).Winning team was given “IPAD Mini”, just to console our self, we were talking that we would have easily won the second position(Provided we 
entered Finals :).

Indian Testing League

To summarize it was great experience in technology front, where testing is heading, 
keynotes about testing, lot of networking, branding for our company and making new 
friends, enjoying weather of Bangalore, moving around MG road, visiting Infy-Mysore and moreover no-office work.

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