Advance level Frequently Asked Questions in Unified Functional Testing

We tried to cover some of the advanced and useful Frequently asked Questions.Please feel free to add your comments and share your experiences.


1.How we can Reverse given string without using strRev function?

2.Copy text from Notepad and Replace all digits with newline?

3.How we can check the status of opened database connection?

4.Difference between Image & Bitmap checkpoint in a .NET window application

5.How to find unique combination from a given series say “1”,”5″,”3″,”1″,”5″

2.Use Filescripting object to ReadAll data from Notepad, than check each digit(Using Isnumeric function),incase it is digit than replace it with newline

3.Using “State” 
4.Image checkpoint exists only for Web applications.
5.Use Dictionary Object


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