Trail version of UFT/QTP asks for License Key?

These days i got lot of queries regarding, “We are not able to install UFT/QTP trail version” and also after installation it asks for “License Key”.

Thus thought of sharing this article with automation lovers so that they are able to handle this issue.

Problem:– Trail version of UFT/QTP asks for License Key

Solution :- 
Please follow the following steps for installation of UFT, so that we are able to use the free trail version for 30 days, without providing any activation  key.

Step1:-Download the trail version ,extract the setup from ISO image, and click on “Setup.exe”.

Step2:- Let the  initial installation process i.e downloading and installation of pre-requiste for the setup, to complete(This process generally takes about 10-20 minutes based on the user system configuration)

Step3:-This is the crucial step, after the Step-2 , “Additional Installation Requirements” window opens, and this is the point where we make the mistake and install the setup with all the options selected.

Solution is  uncheck the “Run License Installation Wizard” option and continue with the installation.

HPUFT Additional  installation requirements
Uncheck the License option and click on Run 
HPUFT Additional  installation requirements Downloading
After the installation is finished click on Close button

Step4:– After this process completes, “Run Results viewer ” installation takes about 1 minute to install and our process completes and we can see the shortcut of HPUFT on our desktop.

HPUFT Run Results Viewer Installation
Result viewer installation 
HPUFT shortcut
HPUFT Shorcut

Step5:– Double click(Or run from Program files)  this shortcut to launch UFT for the first time, after the loading page , License warning page opens, click on Continue and enjoy the 30 day trail version.

hpuft License warning
Click on continue 

Paid license activation of UFT/QTP

9 replies on “Trail version of UFT/QTP asks for License Key?”

For me while installing trial pack of HP uft, Additional Installation Requirements window is not opened after installation. also continue button is not there to start trial pack

Please help me to overcome this issue

Anush, have You tried double clicking the UFT shortcut icon or launch the UFT from windows start ->all programs

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