Regression Testing v/s Re-Testing

Problem:– Understanding the difference between Regression and RE-Testing

Regression vs ReTesting
Suppose you were testing some software application and you found defects in some 

 1. You log a defect in bug tracking tool. 
2. Developer will fix that defect and provide you with the new build with bug fix.
3. You need to re-run the failed test cases to make sure that the previous logged issue is 
not replicating 
4.You are also testing some of the passed test-cases,so that bug fix in the new build is not affecting the neighboring components.

In the above example, STEP-3 refers to Re-Testing and STEP-4 Refers to Regression 

Following are the key  differences between Regression testing and Re-testing:-

Regression Testing


Is carried to check that bug fix hasn’t 

impacted other functionality of 

Is carried to verify Bug fixes

Execution of Passed test cases

Execution of failed test cases

Has lower priority than re-testing

 Higher priority 

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