QTP-10 v/s QTP-11 v/s QTP-11.5 v/s UFT-12

We tried to differentiate these 4 version of the product based on the new enhancements and features .



  • New Results Viewer
  • Visual Relation Identifier
  • Log Tracking functionality helps you work with developers to pinpoint the root causes of unexpected behavior in your application
  • QuickTest 11.00 provides Web Add-in Extensibility-based add-ins for ASP .NET Ajax, GWT, Yahoo UI, and Dojo Web 2.0 toolkits
  • XPath and CSS based object identification(Used in Selenium)
  • Load Function Libraries at Run Time 
  • Automatically Parameterize Steps
  • New Silverlight Add-in to test objects in Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 applications. 
  •  Extended WPF and Silverlight Support 
  •  New Object Spy Functionality 
  •  Compare, Merge, and Export Object Repositories with Checkpoints and Output Values
  •  Add Images to Your Run Result 
  •  FireFox-3.5( Record Support) ,Internet Explorer 8

  UFT-11.5(QTP-11.5) :-

Launching UFT-11.53
  • One Unified Tool for GUI + API testing (Merger of QTP + Service Test)
  • Modern IDE:- Solution Explorer,Canvas-Style Test Flow 
  • MDI: Edit Multiple Testing Documents Simultaneously 
  • Insight: Image-Based Object Identification 
  •  File Content Checkpoints(New checkpoints for PDF, HTML, Word, TXT, and RTF files) 
  • Support for MSAA-Based (Microsoft Office and Plug-in) Controls 
  • Export GUI Tests from Sprinter Exploratory Tests(From XML) 
  • New GUI Testing Support for Qt and Adobe Flex Applications 
  • Test your work against an SAP server by importing IDocs and RFC definitions from your SAP systems(API)
  • Debug Steps Using the Run Step Command (API)
  • Use Your soapUI Tests in UFT (API)
  • Automatically Export Run Results
  • Record Toolbar 
  • Supports storing and managing your GUI tests in SAP Solution Manager
Versions of UFT-11.5
Various Versions of UFT-11.5

  UFT-12(QTP-12) :-

Launching UFT-12.01
  • It comes with a new installation package, facilitating the faster and secure installation.For instance, reduction in size of whole package, all add-ins are installed with a single silent installation command and without the need to restart .
  • Running of GUI test on Safari for remotely connected Mac Computer.It comes with exceptions like, we need to record the test locally on browser.
    Remote Object Spy

    Note:-Apply the new Remote Object Spy to spy on Web applications running on Safari.

  • Conditioned uploading of Run Results to ALM After a Run Session, this feature comes with ALM-12,as a ALM site admin we can can now set a site parameter that guides UFT to upload results only when set conditions is met.
  • Testing Extensibility now supports Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012.
  • Windows Runtime Add-in(UFT-12.01),used to test Windows Runtime applications running on Windows 8.x or Windows Server 2012.This addin is not listed in the Addin-Manager.We need to enable the UFT4WinRT service, for utilizing its testing support.
    Note:-A Windows Runtime application is any application running from the Start or Apps screen in Windows 8.x/Windows Server 2012 and installed from the Windows Store.
  • New Support for Siebel Open UI and  SAPUI5 applications(UFT-12.01), it comes with a child add-in of the web add-in.
  • Addin Manager
    Addin Manager

  • GetVisibleText method for Insight Objects.(UFT-12.01)
  • ExportSheet Method, have optional Destination sheetname.(UFT-12.01)
  • Export Method

  • Internet Explorer 11 extended protected mode support(UFT-12.01)

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