Working with Reporter Object, MsgBox and Print Statement in UFT?

Following video tutorial covers the mostly used scenario’s for reporting results in UFT/QTP.

For reporting in Selenium we need ReportNG

Just a brief summary of topics that are highlighted inthe video, firstly we discussed the usage of “MsgBox and Print Statements” with their differences and then our main focus was on “Reporter Utility Object“,in this we focused on “ReportEvent and ReportNote” methods and “Filter,RunStatus and RepotPath” properties.

Vb-scripting Feature UFT , utility statements
Information displayed using Popup Information is displayed in Print Log file
Script execution stops when it is displayed Script execution is not interrupted
MsgBox(“Welcome to”) Print “Welcome to”

We also discussed what is a utility object and utility statements in uft/qtp, than we did the syntax of “ReportMethod” 

Reporter.ReportEvent EventStatus, ReportStepName, Details [, ImageFilePath] 

EventStatus:-Status of Run Result 

  • 0-micpass
  • 1-micfail 
  • 2-micdone 
  • 3-micwarning 
ReportStepName:-Name of the step to be displayed in Result Viewer
Details:-Description of ReportStepName
Imagefilepath:-Optional, path of the image that need to be displayed


Reporter.ReportEvent 0, “”, “Helping Ppl Learn

Examples of ReportNote, Run Status, ReportPath and Filter are also shown in the video

Incase video doesnot load, please follow the YouTube link

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