Example Scenarios of GetRoProperty in UFT

1. How to fetch the title of opened browser using UFT?

Variable Declaration
Dim sTitle , objDesc ,objBrowser
'Creating Description Object
Set objDesc = Description.Create
'Description object is pointing to Browser
objDesc("micclass").value = "Browser"
'Fetching all the opened Browser
Set objBrowser = Desktop.ChildObjects(objDesc)
'Taking the tile of the opened browser using GetROProperty
For iCounter = 0 to objBrowser.Count -1
MsgBox "Title of opened browser is " & objBrowser(iCounter).GetROProperty("title")

How to fetch title value using Selenium

2.     Fetching all the items present on the Desktop

'Declaring Variables
Dim sItems
'fetching the items present on Desktop
sItems = Window("regexpwndclass:=Progman","regexpwndtitle:=Program Manager").WinListView("nativeclass:=SysListView32").GetROProperty("all items")
'Displaying the results
MsgBox sItems.count

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4.Using GetRoProperty to get count of WebList items?

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