How to register for HP Exams?

Note:- This post is updated as of 13 Feb, 2017.

Registering for HP exams, as a first timer is quite a  cumbersome task, on the request of readers, I am giving step-step procedure for registration of HP0-M47 exam ( but this can be taken as generalized steps for any HP exam). 

This process involves two basic phases i.e. Creation of HP-Learners ID and Pearson login to schedule the exam.

Please contact us in case of any doubts or confusion regarding the exam.

Following are the steps that need to be followed for HP certification:-

Step1:– Visit the link Click me
Step2:-Select from the following options as per your eligibility:-
  • Get started – for customers
  • Get started – for partners
HPE Learner ID

Step3:- Register for the Partner Ready Portal

Partner ready portal for HP certification

Step4:- Sign up for partner ready portal.

Sign up for partner ready portal

Step5:Register your official email > verify and try to search your company

Note:- Incase you are not able to search try to create

Register company for HPE Partner portal

Step6:– Follow step by step, registration process

Step7:– This will create your HP Learners ID, it can take 2- 4 days, incase HP team has any conflicts they will contact you, by the mode specified, during the registration process.

Step8:-Click on the link Pearson VUE   and  Create profile.(It will work only if you have HP-Learners ID) 

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