Test batch Runner in UFT

Meaning of Test Batch Runner (TBR):-
It is an inbuilt tool, bundled with UFT package. This tool is helpful in running of collective tests in a one go. These tests run one after the other in a flow.
In a sprint each time new build is given and based on the build functionality implemented or fixes, our regression tasks various. To overcome this we use TBR, thus some builds require 10 test scripts to run while other require only 5 out of these 10 in a sequence manner. So to overcome this, UFT came with TBR.
How to create Test Batch? 
Step1:- Open TBR from “Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP Unified Functional Testing > Tools > Test Batch Runner
Refer the link on Tools
Step2:- Create new TB file (File->New)
Step3:- Open the test scripts folder to add to TBR.(Tests->Add)
Step4:-Check the test that needs to be run.
Step5:-Run the test batch file (Test->Run or F5) and check the results.

Important Points:-
1. TBR file extension is  .MTB (Module Test Batch)
2. We can work with TBR with UFT closed.
3. It will launch UFT and open ->Run the test in a sequence.
4. We cannot see the Test Results in a one go, we need to open individual results file and check the status.

5. Overall status of each test run can be made from TBR

6. TBR test results can be Unknown, Passed, Failed, Running and Error.

2 replies on “Test batch Runner in UFT”

I did all of that. I have one test. It runs fine. Run Results Viewer shows no problem.s

However, the TBR has this on the output tab AFTER the test has finished running:

Element not found.
QTP is not launched.

Unable to cast object of type ‘HP.QTP.FrontEnd.AutomationFrontEnd.ApplicationAutoFrontEndClass’ to type
QTP could not run.
getting this message while executing case through Test Batch Runner
Can anyone help?

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