Answers to UFT interview Questions (Part-3)


1. Following are the main disadvantages of Shared OR:-

 As this is shared across projects, incase user deletesupdates any of the object by mistake, it results in failure of all the Test scripts with which Shared OR is attached.

Concurrent issue, Only one user can edit the Shared OR at a time, so in multiple user team working on same Shared OR, person has to wait to add objects to OR until other person closes, otherwise it’ll come in read only mode.

Incase we are running UFT  in update mode, it is not possible for  Shared OR, as it comes in read only mode in object repository window

I am not very sure whether it has any performance implications as it is a single file shared across multiple projects.

2) Test Resources (TS) tab is used to store various resources available for automation. Basically it acts as a shared store house, like we deposit our money in bank. So various resources that can be saved in TS, can be Test Scripts, Environment Variables, Shared OR,Data Table, Data files(like Excel), Recovery scenario’s, Test cases, Function library .

Please add incase we are missing something.

  RepositoriesCollection.Add(“Path of OR”)
  Using Automation Object Model

4)Refer the link Test Batch Runner

More FAQ’s 

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