Meaning of VBScript

What is VBScript?

·    VBScript is a scripting language.(Other example JavaScript)

·    Being a scripting language code of Vbscript  is interpreted (lightweight programming language)

·    VBScript is a subset of  Microsoft’s programming language Visual Basic

·   While it doesn’t offer the same functionality of Visual Basic, it does provide a powerful tool that can be used to add interaction to web pages.

·   It uses the Component Object Model like ADO(ActiveX) object to work with databases or File SystemObject(FSO) to work with files)

Learning VBScript

Helping points?

·    Firstly introduced in as part of the Microsoft Windows Script Technologies, launched in 1996.

·    VBScript has been installed by default in every desktop release of MicrosoftWindows since Window98

·   It is used to write executable functions that can be part of HTML and THUS  interact with the DocumentObject Model (DOM) of the page, to perform tasks not possible in HTML alone.

·    When VBScript is run on the client side, the user’s browser needs to support VBScript. When run on the server side, the server needs to support it


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