QTP-11 (HP0-M47) Certification Questions(Part-1)

Following are list of some important questions that I thought of sharing with QTP lovers. Request you all experienced certified professionals to share your knowledge and questions for aspirants preparing for certification.
1.   What is the use of Data table in custom checkpoint?
a.   To fetch data from external data source
b.   As input value to script
c.   To compare values
d.   For storing Output values and Formulas

2.   QTP-11 gives feature to record steps from which browser?
a.   Chrome
b.   IE
c.   Firefox
d.   Safari

3.   Why we use Virtual Object?
a.   To point to an object name that might be located in any object repository
b.   To map an area of your application to a standard class
c.    To utilize an object without pre-defining the object type
d.   To point to an object that will be defined later, possibly by another tester

4.   Conflicts resolved by object repository merge tool?
a.   Same object different parent, similar description
b.   Same name extra properties, different name same properties
c.   Same name different description, similar description
d.    Same name different parent, same parent different name
5.   Easiest approach to bundle QTP whole code to be taken from one source to another?
a.   Using the Export to Zip feature
b.   Using Save Test with Resources feature.
c.   Using Save as option
d.   Using Save feature to save all the resources individually


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