QTP-11 Certification.(HP0-M47)

 Exam Preparation Guide
HP0-M47: HP Functional Testing 11.x Software

This information is regarding QTP-11 certification (Full Name: – HP0-M47: HP Functional Testing 11.x Software) and its preparation. As per mine experience to crack this exam, person needs to have some hands on experience and thorough knowledge of Help guide (Provided with Tool).Please stick to the  topics given in the syllabus and train as per its weight age %.

What is HP certification?
As per  HP ExpertONE(HP Certification group) community, it  is a network of qualified HP channel partners, customers, and employees. These individuals have passed certification exams that validate skills and competencies for credentials offered through the HP ExpertONE program.

Key Audience as per HP?
The exam is intended for technical personnel who will implement test automation by creating, enhancing and running tests and analyzing run results with HP Functional Testing 11.x. It is assumed that they will work in QA teams under the supervision of a senior consultant. A general understanding of testing concepts and functional testing processes may be helpful, but is not mandatory.

Minimum educational qualification?
To pass this exam, it is recommended that you have at least three months experience with HP Functional Testing 11.x Software. Exams are based on an assumed level of industry-standard knowledge that may be gained from the training, hands-on experience, or other pre-requisite events.

Reference :HP ExpertOne

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Deepali, certification is very easy to crack , provided you prepare well.

As per mine experience, the key points to note are :-
Go through, all the topics of syllabus(Given Above)
Register when you are confident enough
You dont need any dumps to crack it (Most of the dumps available are outdated and just a waste)
Questions are very straight forward, give time to each portion in test(It contains parts as per the content division)
Nobody asks shortcuts for operations(As i read on various websites)
Follow help guide

Still note confident enough, you can contact, , they have online certification course, surely that will help.


Hi all, with UFT 12 already in place, is HP0-M47 [QTP 11.X] obsolete?
I just know GUI testing hence wanna crack QTP. But UFT which is the 12th version needs us to know API[HP Service Test],GUI[QTP] and BPT testing. Please clarify if 11.x still holds good?

Hi, Am planning to take UFT 12.X examination. Can someone share the experience on the kind of questions asked in the latest pattern

I have seen people with 9.5 and 10/11 certifications, and they never designed an framework. Their knowledge is still limited to record and run. As per me, go for the latest version as it is upcoming trend but remember certification is not important it is the knowledge you have and the passion you carry to learn a tool or technology. Thanks

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