Exam Syllabus- QTP

Syllabus Topics & Weight age:-
The following testing objectives represent the specific areas of content covered in the exam. Use this outline to guide your study and to check your readiness for the exam. The exam measures your understanding of these areas. 
WeightAge                                 Topics
10% Automated test planning
 • Plan for general testing and automation.
 • Plan for QTP testing.
 • Identify and describe features and settings.
 • Explain QTP licensing and packaging.
19% Basic test creation and how QTP works with objects
 • Create the basic test.
 • Explain how QTP works with objects.
 • Add steps without recording.
 • Explain the purpose and operation of Smart Identification feature.
24% Basic test verification and enhancement
 • Add standard and custom verification points.
 • Enhance tests with parameters.
 • Add custom checkpoints. 
 • Add database checkpoints.
 • Add bitmap checkpoints. 
 • View test results.
11% Modular automated test builds
 • Explain how to build modular QTP tests with Actions.
 • I Use a Shared Object Repository.
7% QTP and ALM integration
 • Explain the QTP/ALM connection.
 • Define ALM management of QTP resources.
 • Explain versioning features in QTP
10% Automated test troubleshooting 
 • Troubleshoot Object Recognition problems. 
 • Use Recovery scenarios.
 • Use the Debugging Tool. 
 • Measure System Performance. 
 • Configure log tracking.
4% Advanced QTP Scripting 

• Import and export Excel sheets.
• Get and set object properties.
• Identify descriptive programming to bypass repository.
7% Expert View Describe
 • Expert View features.
 • Describe dynamic object programming.
 • Identify and describe VBScript elements.
8% Web applications
 • Recognize Web Add-in Extensibility.
 • Describe Web event recording use and configuration.
 • Identify new web testing capabilities

Reference:-HP ExpertOne

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