Exam details QTP-11 Certification

Exam details:-


 Number of Questions: 72

Question Types?

Multiple choice, drag-and-drop, and point and click

Exam Duration?

Exam time: 105 minutes

Passing Cutoff?

Exam fee?


Exam centre?


Some Important Points:-

·        Test will be On-line
·        No on-line or hard copy reference material will be allowed at the testing site.
·        It will be held at Pearson VUE centre.
·        Exam can be video recorded 
·        Person has to submit all his belongings at the exam centre 
·        Plastic board and marker will be given at the centre
·        Closed circuit cameras will be placed to monitor the examiner
·        Paper will be divided into sections.
·        Questions of each section needs to be submitted before starting new section
·        Generally there will be 10-12 sections in a exam
·        Each section can have questions varying from 2 to 10
·        In particular section person can Flag the (doubtful) questions
·        Inside individual section person can move forward and backward to re-answer the questions.
·        Minutes timer on computer screen will be there to track the time left(So no need to have Your own watch)

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