Crack of UFT -11.5

Where to get CRACK OF  UFT?

Most easy and safe method of cracking UFT is to download from the link “HP-UFT”.

It will provide the 30 day trial version and in case you want to continue go for purchasing  license (Which very obvious we don’t want ) and the best approach is to format the C Drive (C:) and install the setup again.

In reality no crack of UFT is available on internet, some websites are cheating users, they are flashing links to download UFT links, these are just fake survey pages . UFT is the most cherished product of HP so they want allow this to be shared for free.

For QTP 10.00 Version some crack files are available and that they do work on Windows XP Operating System, they won’t work on Vista or Windows 7 Operating Systems. Even one of my friend has QTP-9.2 crack but that is very outdated version to do learn or do automation testing.

Pricing of UFT:- 
This is the tentative price, including all the addin’s(As price  depends on the addin bundle in  UFT). Also HP uses vendors, so it all depends on your negotiation skills.Mostly price decreases as license count increases.

1 License = 6 Lakhs (INR) +Country Taxes

2 License = 10 Lakhs +Country Taxes
3 License = 15 Lakhs +Country Taxes

Please note prices are tentative and based on experience and feedback of HP team at that particular time frame.

Downloading Guide

6 replies on “Crack of UFT -11.5”

Hey, one more option you can try is to create a Restore Point before UFT installation and the moment it expires you can restore and install it again.

Good luck …enjoy without formatting.

~~ Jolly

Hi Jagan,
Will they let you do it if it's only myself testing it? I'm trying to get a job and I waited too long, and lost 2weeks, my fault. Thanks!

I'm in the same boat. Job hunting and just want to improve my skills over the course of a month and during the trial version I had very little opportunity to use.

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