Definition of Automation Framework?

What is a Framework?

In simple and clear terms, framework means “a set of guidelines which when followed make any task easy to do”.

For instance, if any person wants to withdraw money from a bank what is the process followed in bank.

Step 1:- Person goes to the bank and looks for cabin or board which says Cashier.

Step 2:-Fills the cheque with right amount and sign it.

Step 3:- Stands in a queue and waits for his turn and hands over the cheque to cashier.

Step 4:- Cashier verifies the amount in account of person/Signature as per bank details, based on the account number (Primary Key).

Step 5:- After meeting all the processes person is given cash amount.

What can be the other approach to take the money out?  Keep on asking anyone in the bank where I can get the money or giving cancelled cheque or using different signature compared to bank or fighting with bank manager that I need my money, or using Gun on the head of cashier J

Now if each and every one of us follows the later approach to take the money out, we can imagine how difficult and cumbersome task it becomes to go the bank and nobody is following queue, fight, chaos everywhere. Thus best way is to have a systematic and disciplined approach thus every customer of bank is able to take the money in a very smooth and well defined manner. In testing terms these defined guidelines/processes/steps/approach is called as Framework.

So Automation Framework is a set of assumptions, concepts, and practices that provide support for automated software testing.

Key Elements of Framework:-

1) Well defined folder structure

  •    Object Repository
  •    Environment ->Folder for environment variables files (XML)
  •    Library ->Global(Company specific) /Local (Project specific)
  •    Test data
  •    Test log
  •    Recovery scenario for Error Handling
  •    Miscellaneous ->Instruction data set like documents from Team lead to tester.

2) Initialization script ->It launches automation tool (Say UFT or Selenium) and calls Driver script and at the end of all the process it closes the automation tool(Destroy all the created objects and free the memory allocation)

3) Driver script

4) Input data spreadsheet

5) Process guidelines document

6) Coding standards/Comments

Note: – Framework provides guidelines and not rules. It is not compulsory in Automation testing but without using it we’ll miss benefits increase code re-usage, higher portability, reduced script maintenance cost etc.

Types of Automation Frameworks:

  •        Record and Run (Linear Scripting) Framework
  •        Modular (Test Library Architecture) Framework
  •        Data Driven Framework
  •        Keyword Driven Framework
  •        Hybrid Framework

    Generations of a Framework?

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    Types of Automation Frameworks:-

    Record and Run (Linear Scripting) Framework
    Modular (Test Library Architecture) Framework
    Data Driven Framework
    Keyword Driven Framework
    Hybrid Framework
    Business Process Testing (BPT)

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