Extract data from Custom Metadata type using vlocity Dataraptor

Ignore trivial things and train your mind to think big Solution:-  Create CustomMetadata type in salesforce (Setup > custom metatype) Create Extract Dataraptor Select object = “custom metadata Name“ Do the mapping of input JSON and expected output JSON Preview runs the datatraptor  

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Handling redirect in Vlocity Integration Procedure having response code of 307

CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS TO EMPOWER YOUR BRAIN Problem:-Clients api was having redirect policy on the server but its not handled by Vlocity integration procedure(IP), thus its failing with 307 response code Solution:-  Error:- 307 Temporary Redirect Inside IP create “Remote Action” to refer the Apex class and apex method, which handles the redirect 307 error. […]

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Integrate Genesys ICT app with salesforce

How to integrate Genesys from app exchange into Salesforce ACTION CURES FEAR Solution:-  Get the app from App Exchange Incase you need to know how to get app from app exchange into salesforce Setup > Installed packages (To verify that app is installed ) Click on “Configure” to add Oath credentials shared by Genesys team. […]

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Naming conventions for various Vlocity components

Naming conventions for various Vlocity components Never sell yourself short This is just a recommendation list, please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions, to help others ClientName_VlocityAbbrevationComponentName SN Type Type-SuggestedPrefix SuggestedName 1 VlocityOmniScript DT_OsXXXX Example: DT_OsShowUsers 2 VlocityIntegrationProcedure DT_IpXXXX Example: DT_IpGetUsersList 3 VlocityDataRaptor DT_DrXXXX Example: DT_DrSearchUserListTransform 4 VlocityAction DT_AcXXXX Example: DT_AcShowUsers 5 VlocityLayout […]

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Launch custom LWC from Quick Action using Lightning Component

As of now, SFDC does not support Quick Action for LWC Solutions always exists Problem- Using Quick Action to launch custom Lightning web components. Solution:-  Create a Lightning component as a wrapper for Quick action, to launch in subTab by using Open SFDC interface. ({ init: function(component) { var workspaceAPI = component.find(“workspace”); workspaceAPI.getFocusedTabInfo().then(function(response) { workspaceAPI.openSubtab({ […]

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Expand and collapse single Lightning web component Accordion

How to collapse and expand LWC accordion when an only a single accordion section is available love your work Problem- We need to have one account accordion which can be expanded and collapsed by the user but by default its launched as collapsed. Solution:-  Link for the working code Example LWC Played with properties of […]

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Using Custom LWC inside Vlocity Omniscript

Create a custom Radio Group inside vlocity Omniscript NEVER GIVE UP Problem- Due to omniscript limitations, it happens you need to use custom LWC to achieve the requirements. Solution:-  Get the custom LWC from the salesforce Lightning web components (in our example we are using radio group) <template> <lightning-radio-group name=”radioGroup” label=”Radio Group” options={options} value={value} type=”radio”></lightning-radio-group> […]

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Issue with Apex replay debugger on running debug logs in VS Code

The log must be generated with log categories Apex code at the FINEST level and Visualforce at the FINER level.? THINK OOTB Problem- When running apex replay debugger, in VSCode on a debug file it generates error message. Solution:-  Follow what error is saying and update the first line of log file, before running the […]

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How to enable debug mode for Lightning web components ?

How to enable debug mode for Lightning web components? DEBUGGING IS SEXY Problem- In the developer environment I want to debug my LWC but it’s coming as minified when rendered in browser sources and also shows proxy data? Setup > debug mode > select the one under lightning  components Edit your user > enable “Debug […]

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How to compare values in Custom Metadata with given object in Apex

How to compare values in Custom Metadata with a given object field in Apex learn more share more Problem- Admin wants some value as configurable and set in custom metadata, now as a developer, we want to perform an action based on the matching of this mdt with values in say platform field on the […]

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