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Naming conventions for various Vlocity components

Naming conventions for various Vlocity components

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SN Type Type-SuggestedPrefix SuggestedName
1 VlocityOmniScript DT_OsXXXX Example: DT_OsShowUsers
2 VlocityIntegrationProcedure DT_IpXXXX Example: DT_IpGetUsersList
3 VlocityDataRaptor DT_DrXXXX Example: DT_DrSearchUserListTransform
4 VlocityAction DT_AcXXXX Example: DT_AcShowUsers
5 VlocityLayout DT_LyXXXX Example: DT_LyUserList
6 VlocityCard DT_CdXXXX Example: DT_CdShowUsers
7 VlocityInteractionLauncher DT_ILXXXX



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