Salesforce Vlocity

Using VSCode with Vlocity Salesforce

Can we work with vlocity code base locally rather than doing all the changes on the SF platform?

Yes that is possible

Prerequisite:- Install “Salesforce Vlocity Integration” extension in VSCode

Activate the extension > CTRL + SHIFT +P

Vlocity: Select Salesforce Org > use the existing verified Org with SF or start with fresh VSCode setupĀ 

  • Select vlocity cloud icon in VSCode > refresh under Datapack
  • Select vlocity component (say Vlocity Card > export > in command palette > Select ‘vlocityCards’)
  • Select the folder where you want to save the vlocity data pack
  • Open the vlocityDatapack files it would have your downloaded components
  • Make your changes in the template or card files and right-click deploy Datapack to Salesforce

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