Security testing tools that we should know?


1.Download the .tar file
2. untar, bzip2 -cd nmap-versionXX.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -cd nmap-versionXXX nmap-version
4. ./configure
6. su root
7.make install

nmap installation

If all the steps runs successfully, we have the following console message:-

Check the nmap version, nmap –version

How to find open ports for given server say (

nmap -sV -p 1-65535
This command will scan all of your local IP range , and will perform service identification (-sV) and will scan all ports (-p 1-65535).

nmap open port results
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Requirements for nikto


  • Download the latest version from github
  • Extract the files
  • cd nikto-master/program
  • perl

Note:- in our example we used Ubuntu OS, which have perl preinstalled.

nikto launching

How to scan multiple ports using nikto:-
perl -h -p 80,443
above we used 2 ports (80,443)

Learn more about nikto

Scanning vulnerabilities in wordpress website.
Clone the code, install the dependencies based on the enviornment (OS)
run it to scan the wordpress websites.

wpscan installation

ruby wpscan.rb –url

Javascript Interview Questions(Part-4)

JavaScript Coding interview questions with solutions:-


You would like to set a password for a bank account. However, there are three restrictions on the format of the password:

it has to contain only alphanumerical characters (az, AZ, 09);
there should be an even number of letters;
there should be an odd number of digits.
You are given a string S consisting of N characters. String S can be divided into words by splitting it at, and removing, the spaces. The goal is to choose the longest word that is a valid password. You can assume that if there are K spaces in string S then there are exactly K + 1 words.

For example, given "test 5 a0A pass007 ?xy1", there are five words and three of them are valid passwords: "5", "a0A" and "pass007". Thus the longest password is "pass007" and its length is 7. Note that neither "test" nor "?xy1" is a valid password, because "?" is not an alphanumerical character and "test" contains an even number of digits (zero).

Write a function:

int solution(char *S);
that, given a non-empty string S consisting of N characters, returns the length of the longest word from the string that is a valid password. If there is no such word, your function should return 1.

For example, given S = "test 5 a0A pass007 ?xy1", your function should return 7, as explained above.

Assume that:

N is an integer within the range [1..200];
string S consists only of printable ASCII characters and spaces.
In your solution, focus on correctness. The performance of your solution will not be the focus of the assessment.


function solution(S) {
// write your code in JavaScript (Node.js 6.4.0)
var pwds = S.split(" ");
var pwdLen = -1;
var chrCnt = pwd.match(/[a-zA-Z]/g || []).length;
if (pwd.length > pwdLen)
pwdLen = pwd.length;
return pwdLen;

Given four integers, display the maximum time possible in 24 hour format HH:MM. For example, if you are give A = 1, B = 9, C = 9, D = 2 then output should be 19:29. Max time can be 23:59 and min time can be 00:00.

If it is not possible to construct 24 hour time then return error. For example, given A = 1, B = 9, C = 7, D = 9 an error should be returned since minimum time represented by these integers is 17:99 which is “NOT POSSIBLE”?


function solution(A, B, C, D) {
var arr = [];
var digit = [];
var timeString = "";
//create array from given numbers
digit[0] = findMax(arr,2);
digit[1] = digit[0]==2?findMax(arr,3):findMax(arr,9);
digit[2] = findMax(arr,5);
digit[3] = findMax(arr, 9);
//final number
if(digit[0] ==-1 ||digit[1] ==-1||digit[2] ==-1||digit[3] ==-1){
return "NOT POSSIBLE";
timeString = digit[0]+""+digit[1]+":"+digit[2]+""+digit[3];

return timeString;

//finding the less than equal number and return it
function findMax(arr, find){
return -1;
var numToFind = -1;
var indexToRemove = -1;
//iterate arrary
for(var i = 0; i < arr.length;i++){
if(arr[i] <= find)
if(arr[i]> numToFind)
numToFind = arr[i];
indexToRemove =i;
if (indexToRemove == -1)
return -1;
arr[indexToRemove] = -1;
return numToFind;

Question3:-Given DOM tree I need to find the maximum depth of the nested ul/ol tags.

<li>simple list1</li>
The depth would be 3


function solution() {

var len, max_depth=0;
len = $(this).parents('ul,ol').length;
if(len > max_depth)
max_depth =len;
return max_depth;

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